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    Senior Interior Designer

    1/Graduated from Architecture, Interior Design or related Major. 3+ years of work experience. With basic English skill.

    2/Experience in shopping mall, exhibition hall, office and other space design is preferred.

    3/Strong skills with design express and deep analyze drawing. Have a comprehensive understanding of materials and technologies. Be able to independently complete the whole process of design projects, and comprehensively control the design and implementation of decoration projects.

    4/Highly creative, fashion sensitive.

    5/Proficient in Indesign \ AutoCAD \ SU \ Lumion and other design software.



    Brand Operation Specialist

    1/Bachelor degree or above, graduated from Chinese, Journalism and communication, Design or related Major. 

    2/Have profound cultural skills and cultivation, strong literary control ability, smooth and infectious writing, active thinking, strong imagination and innovative spirit.

    3/Have the ability to independently write various planning schemes, marketing scripts, official letter reports and other written skills. Familiar with office software and PowerPoint production.

    4/Strong logic, organization, strong sense of collective cooperation, cheerful and willing to communicate, willing to express, positive and pragmatic.

    5/Having work experience in large advertising planning companies or similar positions in Chinaor abroad is preferred.

    6/Havinggood English skills, overseas study or work experience is preferred.

    SU Designer/Assistant Designer

    1/Proficient in 3DMAX, AutoCAD and SketchUP, master in AutoCAD, SketchUP and lumion is preferred.

    2/Strong sense of interior space design and good art foundation. Aesthetic ability and creativity, strong sense of color.

    3/Have good learning ability, communication ability and comprehension ability, and be able to work under great pressure;

    4/Have a good sense of teamwork, patience, sincerity, strong sense of responsibility and proactive working attitude.

    5/Have relevant experience in SketchUP modeling and fast rendering, be familiar with the drawing process, and accurately grasp the design trend.

    Graphic Visual Designer

    1/Bachelor degree or above in related majors of design or art.

    2/Proficient in AI \ PS \ CDR and other graphic design software to complete the expression of design intent.

    3/ 3+ years of work experience with graphic design or advertising design. Those who have worked for less than three years but have excellent personal ability can also be considered.

    4/Love design, willing to learn, avant-garde, innovative spirit, teamwork, positive and pragmatic.

    5/Overseas study experience is preferred.

    6/Working experience in a large well-known graphic design company is preferred.



    Please send complete personal resume, work experience and expected position. File size within 10M.