Design Philosophy On a Market
Reshaping Order From Confusion
Many people wonder why we work over a noisy market? Why is a market? Is it because we can feel the hustle and bustle of secular life or the gossip between people? Perhaps we just like this kind of confusions with order, noise mixed with calm interpersonal relations and life philosophy.
”From the design of tea’stone, the first new Chinese tea house, to assisting the college of innovation of Tongji University in building NEEDS LAB, and then to building the apartment and headquarters office space of Expobay Nanan.We always adheres to the design orientation of problem-solving, and constantly explores the balance between function and aesthetics from architecture, visual design and decoration art.”
  • About Us

    About Us


    With regard to design, we are not limited to the existing division of labor operation modes in architecture, interior, graphic or commercial services. IDODESIGN is an open, diversified and interdisciplinary cutting-edge creative team.


    Our understanding is that all design work revolves around clients, aims at solving problems, and uses spatial functions or brand services as tools. All visual, perceptible and interactive design is the way we reach communication.


    We continue to learn and practice how to use design thinking to decompose, integrate and build each project, and finally achieve a reasonable and orderly balance.

  • Awards

    2023Idea-Tops——City Top 10
    Project:OCT Shenzhen Office



    2023 Idea-Tops——China Top 50
    Project:tea’stone Wuhan Heartland Store


    2023 Muse Design Awards-Silver Award

    Project:Wuhan China Overseas Cloud View Stand


    2022-2023 A’Design Awards-Silver Award

    Project:tea’stone Qianhai Store


    2022 Jintang Prize- Best Restaurant Space

    Project:tea’stone Shanghai Xintaidi Store


    2022 Jintang Prize- Excellent Restaurant Space

    Project:tea’stone Qianhai Store


    2022 Jintang Prize- Excellent Office Space

    Project:tea’stone Innovation Center

    2023 Berlin Design Awards-Gold
    Project:tea’stone Qianhai Store


    2022 Idea-Tops-Global Top 5
    Project:tea’stone Qianhai Store

    2022 Idea-Tops-Chinal Top 50
    Project:tea’stone Innovation Center

    2022 Idea-Tops-CityTop 10
    Project:C Music Center

    2022 Space Renovation Award-Winner
    Project:tea’stone Innovation Center

    2022 International Design Awards-Honorable Mention
    Project:tea’stone Innovation Center

    2022 International Design Awards-Honorable Mention
    Project:tea’stone Shanghai Store

    2022 London International Creative Competition-Shortlist
    Project:tea’stone Innovation Center


    2022 Architecture Master Price- Honorable Mention

    Project:tea’stone Qianhai store


    2022 A’Design Awards-Silver Award

    Project:Expobay Yun’an 7# Office Showroom


    2022 A’Design Awards-Silver Award

    Project:tea’stone Mixc Store


    2021 TITAN Property Awards-Gold Winner

    Project:Zhaoqing OCT Skyey Mansion


    2021 Muse Design Awards-Gold Winner
    Project:tea’stone Mixc Store

    NOVUM DESIGN AWARD Gold Winner 2021
    Project:tea’stone Mixc Store

    2021 Idea-Tops-Silver Award
    The 11th International Space Design Award - Idea-Tops
    Dining Space Design Silver Award
    Project:tea’stone Pingan IFC

    London Design Awards 2021-Gold Award
    Interior Design - International Hospitality - Casual
    London Design Awards 2021
    Project:tea’stone Mixc Store

    London Design Awards 2021-Silver Award
    Interior Design - International Sales Center
    London Design Awards 2021
    Project:Zhaoqing OCT Skyey Mansion

    Best partner Award 2019/ 2020

    Idea-Tops 2019-Bronze Award
    The 9th International Space Design Award - Idea-Tops
    Office Space Design Bronze Award

    Best Restaurant Space Award 2019

    Winner of the 2020
    ULI Asia Pacific Awards for Excellence

  • Advisers

    In order to make users have a better design experience and provide more in-depth design services, we have established advisers team. Welcome to join and cooperate......


    We gather elites and industry leaders in various fields to provide all-round vision and professional support for our design projects. According to the different characteristics of the project, we can cooperate with different experts, independent designers and planning teams to inject more in-depth and far sighted design strategies and customized creation into the project in the form of consultants.

  is looking forward to communicating with experts in different industries. If you have any suggestions or ideas,
    please contact us: